Casa Luca

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For Sale, New Listing $2,950,000.00 - Houses
6830 Square Meters or 1.7 Acres 9 Bedrooms
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Casa Luca is a luxurious multi-unit estate with panoramic ocean views overlooking Playa Guiones. The house is perched on a large lot in “K Section” and features a main house with over 5000 square feet of living space and includes 3 spacious bedrooms in the main house, a 1 bedroom apartment and studio (each with a private entrance). Just steps down from the main residence there is a 2 bedroom guest house and an additional 1 bedroom guest house. The main living area is out of a magazine. With vaulted ceilings, gorgeous wood floors and ceilings, lots of natural light and a pool area that is perfect for entertaining or personal use. The infinity pool has an Ozonated filter system. From the main house you have views of the surf and you’ll never miss a sunset. The two guest houses are on lower part of the property and are well hidden in the jungle and have a separate driveway entrance. The walk to the beach is a mere 5 minutes.

This is a unique opportunity for a private estate, but also has business return potential. There is still room to grow on this property and adding additional rooms would be easy. This could be the ideal place for a retreat center or for rental income.

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