Casa Trogon and the Tree House

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Property ID : 181

For Sale $979,000.00 - Houses, Lots
2868 Square Meters or .7 Acres Sq Ft 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
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One of the most desired locations in all of Playa Guiones!

Casa Trogon is named after the bird Trogonidae. Trogons are residents of tropical forests worldwide and the word “trogon” is Greek for “nibbling” and refers to the fact that these birds gnaw holes in trees to make their nests. There have been several pairs of Trogons who have called this property home over many years due to the large amount of different fruit trees on this very private property that has over 60 meters of border with the green zone behind the property.

The house consists of an open floor plan with the kitchen on the West end and the sitting and screened in patio open to the sea breeze that flows through the property. The house remains cool because of the large shade trees that surround the home. There are two large sliding wood doors on the South side of the home that open onto the covered and screened in patio. This patio is a wonderful space to relax and take in the wildlife that visits the home daily. There is also a bed for that afternoon siesta or a nice snooze in the cool evenings. There is also an air conditioned bedroom and a large full bathroom.

Have a look at the tree house! Yes this is a tree house built around a huge Guanacaste tree in the side yard with large steps that climb up to about 30 feet and remains in the shade of the towering tree. There is even a comfortable bed and wash sink so you can sleep in the ocean breezes and listen to the nature, animals and birds who call this tree home.

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Agent Bram Shook

  • Office : 800-819-9421 ex. 101
  • Mobile : 506-8831-7231

Bram grew up in Westport, CT. After graduating from San Diego State University, he stayed in San Diego for eight…
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