Tree House

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For Sale, New Listing $750,000.00 - Houses
364 Square Meters or .09 Acres 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
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The Tree House blends a Bali/Modern design consisting of beautiful glass, stone and wood finishings throughout the interior and exterior of the home.   The second floor has an outdoor patio area featuring a Jacuzzi and shower.   This gives the home a large open living area to enjoy the lush jungle surroundings.  The spacious porch area faces west allowing fresh ocean breezes to enjoy.  A large kitchen is excellent for entertaining friends and families.

The bedrooms are located downstairs as well as the laundry room, storage bodega with board rack.  It is nestled in a boutique compound that shares rancho, pool, gardening, security, and concierge services making it turn key,  The polished concrete floors below makes the house much cooler temperature wise downstairs in the bedrooms.

Located 2 minutes from Playa Guiones and minutes to all the amenities of the G Section, makes the home sought after by vacation renters.

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Agent Curt Von Schligen

  • Office : 800-819-9421 ex. 107
  • Mobile : 506-8707-4133

<span id="yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1515426068683_781947">Originally from Reston, Virgina Curt graduated from the University of Southern Californa.  He spent 12 years in Management and…
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