“We changed our lives and moved to Nosara, because Nosara and its people changed us. After deciding to make the ‘big move’, Bram helped us buy our dream property – a goal we had worked towards for years. We trusted Bram and his team to guide us through the transaction, and now we wake up to that incredible view of the surf every day. I stopped counting waves thanks to Bram.” 

Anne & Brandon G. Nosara, CR


“We have been traveling to Costa Rica for well over a decade. Since our very first trip, we have dreamed about buying or building a home. When we were introduced to Bram Shook, we knew we found a friendly, informative, savvy and helpful ally. On that first meeting, Bram showed us properties and gave us the lay of the land in Nosara. He spent a great deal of time answering our questions and sharing his vast knowledge, but was never pushy. On the contrary, he respected the personal process of any potential client. A year later, we returned to Nosara and reached out to Bram again. He was as affable as the first time we met and showed us properties again. This time, we found our beautiful piece of land. Although we were excited about making the decision to buy, we had even more questions.

Bram has guided us through this process step-by-step. He is professional, thorough, resourceful and prompt. He introduced us to highly respected lawyers, architects and builders in the area. He has gone above and beyond with every inquiry and stage of this process. There has never once been a moment where we have hesitated to reach out to ask Bram for any advice – and often times that advice extends out of the bounds of anything that will earn him a commission.

We also greatly admire how much Bram values the community of Nosara. He and is family are an important part of it – and he uses his insight to think of the long term impact any and all decisions will have on this magical place. That perspective will not only have a positive influence on the dollar value of our investment, but most importantly, it will have a positive influence on preserving what makes us all fall in love with Nosara.”

Yasmine & Matt J. Los Angeles, CA

“My husband & I had been looking to purchase a property internationally for several years and had narrowed in on Costa Rica. We were first introduced to Bram through his wonderful website nosaraliving.com, which details how to successfully move to Nosara. We became enamored with the American Project, and couldn’t wait to get on a plane and meet Bram in person.  

Bram spent several days with us showing us the area, getting us comfortable with the process of purchasing property in Costa Rica, and answering each and every question we had (no matter how trivial). In addition to helping us find the perfect lot, he quickly helped us put together a team of people to work with: a lawyer, a builder, a banker, and an insurance agent. It was evident that Bram was both highly respected in the local community, and deeply knowledgeable of Costa Rican real estate.  We couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you Bram and Century 21 for making our dreams come true!”

Connie L. and Scott M. Minneapolis, MN


“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Bram and Century 21 on the sale of several properties in Nosara and he has provided exceptional service throughout the process. Bram is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the intricacies of Costa Rica real estate purchase and sales. Because we live outside the country, it was especially important for us to have a trustworthy and experienced real estate agent, who is multilingual and is associated with a reputable company. We are so pleased with Century21 and Bram Shook and whole-heartedly recommend him.”

Cathy and Dan P.  Boston, MA


“Buying property in a foreign country can be daunting and you inevitably have to put your trust in someone, that someone for us is Bram Shook.

Not only did Bram and his team at Century 21 go above and beyond our expectations for our property needs, he made himself available for many other questions that included contractors, legal things and local information.
I consider Bram to be extremely generous, honest and knowledgeable. Bram gave us the confidence to finally uproot and settle in Nosara,
I would not hesitate in working with Bram in the future and recommending him and his team.”
Martyn S. Seattle, WA

“This is our first time purchasing property outside of the U.S. and Bram has made the whole process easy. His experience and knowledge of the area has been tremendously helpful.  Aside from helping us find the right property,  he has been there every step of the way familiarizing us with the area and culture while providing us with recommendations and resources that have been spot-on. If you are considering the sale or purchase of a property in or around Nosara, we would recommend that you contact Bram.”

Ted and Halayn,  New Jersey


“Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to know Bram as a trustworthy and knowledgeable “guide” in many things “Nosara”. When it comes to real estate he has been a tremendous help showing us the entire area around Nosara when we were looking for our own piece of paradise, and later on, inspiring confidence with new visitors to buy into our project. However, as a local parent, as a co-founder of the school that our kids attend, and simply as a good friend, who has been living here long enough to really know how Nosara works, Bram helped us get our bearings when we first arrived here, and continues to help me better understand the place and the people. I highly recommend Bram and his team at C21.”

Bart, Netherlands (Nosara resident since 2013)


“I wish to express my total satisfaction with Bram Shook and the Nosara Century21 team.  Bram worked tirelessly — before, during and after the sale — to find me just the right home in Nosara, and made sure I had all the right inspectors, reliable contractors, and other local personnel to make my home perfect.  He even introduced me to a great decorator, who really made my home shine.  As a bonus, not only have we enjoyed the home, but it has gotten 14 renters in just 3 months!  So it is already cash-flowing positively.

I can’t recommend Bram highly enough.
Pura vida!”
Richard L. Bainbridge Island, WA


“I’ve known Bram for about 20 years. He was the third person I met in Nosara after Bill and Pam from Marlin Bills restaurant. I bought my Second piece of property from Bram 17 yrs ago.

He’s always been completely knowledgeable and honest, and I never feel like I’m getting the salesman push.

I’m still working with Bram today. He will never make up anything up if he doesn’t know the answer, which I appreciate 100 percent!!!!! He is completely honest and always has been.”

-Stephen R. Manhattan Beach, CA


“Professional, courteous and responsive would be the way that I would describe working with C21. I’ve had a number of real estate transactions with C21 in Nosara over the past five years and, in each instance, the team was extremely knowledgeable on the market, inventory and future trends.”

-Mike M. Manhattan, NY


“I have had the great fortune of working with Bram Shook on two land purchases in Nosara and have found the experience very positive. He worked diligently with my partner and I throughout the process. He remains someone I can and will work with in the future.”

– Dave P. Westfield, New Jersey

“Working with Dain Shook of Century 21 La Costa Realty buyers and sellers get the whole package. Expert advise from years of experience, total awareness of every facet of property transactions and no detail unattended. I rely on Dain to totally handle the buying and selling process of my properties, as well as, keeping me informed and up to date on local real estate market conditions and current events in and around Nosara. Dain develops relationships with his clients that last well beyond the closing of property transactions.”

– Thomas G. La Jolla, CA

“I bought my first property in Costa Rica with Bram and Dain Shook at Century 21 in Nosara and I sold my first property in Costa Rica with them. Throughout the process, their service and advice were exceptional. They put me in touch with a good lawyer, several good architects, and helped out when I needed to clear my property and find a topographer to redefine the borders. Buying land in a foreign country was a new adventure for me, but they made the process as easy as buying in the US and have all the contacts you need to buy and sell in Costa Rica.”

– Rob G. NYC

“When it came time to sell our home in Playa Guiones, it was clear there was only one firm and 2 people (Bram and Dain) capable of handling all our concerns. It is necessary to have excellent and honest representation at any point when buying, selling, or developing real estate in Nosara, and they understand all aspects of your needs. Not to mention that their customer service and personal care rivals anything you can find in the United States. Our success would not have happened without them.”

– Ron R. Tualatin, Oregon

“To anyone who is considering the purchase or the sell of a home, vacation spot, rental property or just investment property in the Nosara area of Costa Rica, you would do yourself a huge favor by finding a solid business-oriented realtor. Having just sold my house in the Guinness area through Century 21, I cannot recommend Bram Shook and his firm, Century 21, highly enough. His realistic approach to the market as well as his realistic justification of pricing was impressively solid and objective. The interest he took in the house and his approach to understanding its good and less than stellar points increased my own understanding of my home. It sold almost immediately after listing it with Century 21. In the land of “Mañana”, professionalism is an extremely appreciated commodity and I could not be more appreciative of the objective professionalism that I experienced with Bram Shook and Century 21.”

– Worth D. North Carolina

“When my wife and I decided to buy a new home in Costa Rica we knew it would be in Nosara. Our only concerns were that we had never bought property in a foreign country. We had searched on the Internet and found a house we liked. When we looked at the realtors located around Nosara the one we recognized was Century 21 La Costa Realty. That turned out to be our best move in the purchase of our new home. Coming from a Customer Service background, the people from Century 21 made us feel like family from the very beginning. What amazed us the most was the way we were treated after the sale. They did not sell us and forget us. We were chosen by HGTV to be on the Television Show House Hunters International. We really enjoyed doing the show and promoting the Nosara area. It was after a year of retirement in Nosara that I decided I wanted to do more than surf and fish every day. I called up Bram Shook and told him how impressed I had been with the way they had treated my wife and I during our purchase. I asked about the possibilities of me becoming a part of their team because I thought we both had the same ideas about the way to treat customers. I have now been a part of Century 21 for over a year and my customers are now saying the same thing I said when I bought. My advice has always been to choose your realtor wisely. I did and I hope you will also.”

– Ken & Donna R. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“The folks at Century21 Nosara are the complete package that made buying my first home abroad a cinch. They are seasoned professionals and just down to earth trustworthy guys. Whether you are a first time buyer like me or seasoned investor, there is no need to look further than Century21 Nosara.”

– Lyle S. Brooklyn, NY Casa Mil Amores

“Working with Dain Shook of Century 21 La Costa Realty buyers and sellers get the whole package. Expert advice from years of experience, total awareness of every facet of property transactions and no detail unattended. I rely on Dain to totally handle the buying and selling process of my properties, as well as, keeping me informed and up to date on local real estate market conditions and current events in and around Nosara. Dain develops relationships with his clients that last well beyond the closing of property transactions.”

– Thomas G.La Jolla, CA

“We walked into Century 21 out of curiosity and for some cool air – 2 years later, we have built our dream holiday home and have lifelong friends in Bram and Dain! We thought that living in the US and doing everything ‘long distance’ would be a challenge, but we have been pleasantly surprised. With the help and guidance of the Century 21 team, it has been a great experience all around. Thank you Bram for always going the extra mile for us. Continued success to a team that lives up to their promises!”

–  Bill & Janine V. Annapolis, MD & South Africa

“Deborah and i decided that we wanted to live on an island and visited several islands. Then we vacationed in costa rica and immediately changed our minds. We then contacted ken richardson at century 21 in nosara. In june, 2011 we returned to review seven houses. Deborah and i both chose the exact same house as first choice. Ken and century 21 helped us make the offer to the owner who resided in alabama, usa, put us in touch with a well respected attorney from san jose, closed the deal, and arranged wire transfer of the money for payment – – all within five days. We are now proud owners of a two story house with a pool, security, internet and just 200 meters from the pacific ocean. We have complete confidence in ken richardson, bram shook and dain shook at century 21.”

– Dr. Jim P. Myrtle Beach , SC

“In 2002 we went to Costa Rica looking for a second home. We arrived in San Jose where we met a very nice gentleman, Harvey Haber. After visiting with us only a short while he said we should go to Nosara. We went and met Bram Shook, then a new broker at the Century 21 office. Bram, my wife Paula and I hit it off from the start and we began a short but intense search for a house that we could come to for a break from the fast pace of the U.S. and a place where our family could enjoy the area. We also wanted something that would return enough rentals to approach covering the expenses of the house.

Bram helped us locate the perfect house just a short walk from the beach, close enough to listen to the waves as they break on the shore. He was with us through the negotiations with the property owner, dealings with the attorney (whom he found for us) to the close. We could not have had better allies than Bram and the Century 21 staff. Anytime we have run into a problem, even to this day in 2012, we can count on Bram, Gaby and the now expanded staff to help us find solutions. Were we to buy or sale again in Nosara, it would certainly be with this fine group. The people, locals and ex-patriots alike, were found to be genuine, gracious and accepting. The topography is captivating. A well kept secret in a country full of many well known paradises.

Just a note, and don’t just tell everyone, but Bram is of such integrity we have instructed in our will that he shall be in charge of the sale of our home after we are gone. Would we recommend Bram & Century 21? We just did!”

– Harvey Smith Knoxville, TN